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Wasptec Privacy Policy

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Personal Data

The UK government define Personal data under strict UK regulations called the General Data Protection Regultion (GDPR) or (EU Regualtion 2016/679) . In general terms it means any information given to wasptec, wasp nest removal Leeds, that identifies you such as, name, address, phone number, email etc

What information does Wasptec collect?

Wasptec only collect the basic information to be able to get your pest control problem sorted.
This includes, your name, address, business name, phone number and email. If you choose to pay by debit card your card details will be needed to action the payment however, your details are only ever input directly into the wasp nest removal payment system and never stored. You also have statutory UK law cover with payments. There are many ways to pay for an invoice which do not involve providing your bank details such as BACS.

How do wasptec Leeds use your Personal Data?

The GDPR provides you with a governing law that Wasptec Leeds adheres to and is accountable under. Your data might be used by Wasptec Leeds to

  • Tailoring wasp, bee and other Pest Control products for you
  • Managing your wasp Nest Removal Leeds Account
  • Communicating with you
  • Market research including website usage


Very occassional wasptec may contact you for helpful feedback. You have the option to opt in or out of this and will have no issues in doing so. You will never be sent unlawful marketing or spam. Wasptec will always work to protect your personal rights under the GDPR and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 (EC Directive). the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 (EC Directive)

Your Data Security

Your Data is always confidential and never passed onto a third party. It is always kept within highly encrypted digital systems to prevent unathorised access or disclourse. Only authorised members of the wasptec team have access and dat is never kept for longer than necessary.

Data Protection

Wasptec Leeds will never sell or lease your personal information to thrid parties unless your permission is given or required by law. You are able to request information about you held by Wasptec Leeds at anytime. For further information please read the Data Protection Act 1998

100s of 5 Stars