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Wasptec,wasp nest removalare based in Leeds. Wasptec pride themselves on first class customer service. All prices, quotes and services are transparent and easy to understand. If you need more info its easy to contact Wasptec via the wasp control helpline. Get in Touch Open Today.

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Wasptec Privacy

Privacy for all wasp nest removal &pest control is dealt with whic utmost privacy. Descrete cars are used. Simply call the pest controlHELPLINEfor a FREE no obligation consultation.

  • Personal Data

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    he UK government define Personal data under strict UK regulations called the General Data Protection Regultion (GDPR) or (EU Regualtion 2016/679) . In general terms it means any information given to wasptec, wasp nest removal Leeds, that identifies you such as, name, address, phone number, email etc

  • What info is collected ?

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    Wasptec only collect the basic information to be able to get your pest control problem sorted. This includes, your name, address, business name, phone number and email. If you choose to pay by debit card your card details will be needed to action the payment however, your details are only ever input directly into the wasp nest removal payment system and never stored. You also have statutory UK law cover with payments. There are many ways to pay for an invoice which do not involve providing your bank details such as BACS.

  • How is personal data used ?

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    The GDPR provides you with a governing law that Wasptec Leeds adheres to and is accountable under. Your data might be used by Wasptec Leeds to Tailoring wasp, bee and other Pest Control products for you Managing your wasp Nest Removal Leeds Account Communicating with you Market research including website usage

  • Permissions ?

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    Very occassional wasptec may contact you for helpful feedback. You have the option to opt in or out of this and will have no issues in doing so. You will never be sent unlawful marketing or spam. Wasptec will always work to protect your personal rights under the GDPR and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 (EC Directive). the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 (EC Directive)

  • Your data security ?

    Your Data is always confidential and never passed onto a third party. It is always kept within highly encrypted digital systems to prevent unathorised access or disclourse. Only authorised members of the wasptec team have access and dat is never kept for longer than necessary.

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Contacing Wasptec, wasp nest removal, isquick &easy.Wasptec pest control services covers all areas within the City of Leeds, Bradford &Wakefiled. Pudsey LS28, Roundhay LS8, Horsforth LS18, Headingley &Hyde Park LS6, Alwoodley LS17, LS19, LS20 and all other Leeds areas. Shadwell LS17.

  • Local Support

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    Call the wasptec, pest control helpline now. Speak with a pro pest cpntroller for tips &advice on wasp nests removals, rats, mice etc.

    Wasptec are a Leeds based compnay whereas many other pest control companies advertising in Leeds are from out of town.

    Call wasptec, pest control, for a FREE, no-obligation chat.

    Ask for Gareth, Wasptecs lead specialist.

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    Wasptec, pest control.

  • Wasp removal, Privacy Policy

    Confidentiality, privacy &your peace of mind are Wasptecs prioroty. Allinformation you give is ohandled within current law. Please read the WasptecPrivacy Policy

    Any queries about wasp nest removal in Leeds simply call &Wasptec will gladly answer your questions.

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