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Guaranteed pest control solutions. Wasptec, wasp nest removal , offer a clear & simple pricing structure so you know exactly what to expect and will be wasp or bee free as soon as possible. Discounts available via theeasy call Helpline. Superb pest control support, any questions you have such as :How much is pest control in Leeds? How to get rid of rats? How to remove a wasp nest &so forth, the Wasptec pest control pros have put together lots of great info for you, available throughout this website.


Wasp Nest Removal

Support for all pest control is available every step of the path. Easily phone, email or send a text. Wasptec, wasp nest removal &pest control, have a wide range of specialists resources to help get leading edge pest control tips, advice. &support.

  • Are discounts available?

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    Yes. Buzz the Wasptec, wasp nest removal Leeds HELPLINE for a FREE no obligation consultation. Special Discounts Available for standard and non-standard wasp control or pest control.

    Wasptec, wasp nest removal, are easy to contact &you can talk directly with a pest control expert. All the Wasptec, pest control treatments &problem solutions are very clear &with easy to understand pricing. Over the years Wasptec has formulated a winning package so you can have the best price &best pest control available.

  • What happens when treatment is applied?

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    All Wasp &Bee control is Guaranteed.

    There will be a lot of wasp or bee activity around the area the treatment was applied to. This is because the wasps or bee will know something is wrong but will naturally try to defend the queen within the nest.. Call Wasptec, wasp nest removal Leeds Within 1hour of treatment wasp/hornet activity will die down a considerable amount. The wasps/hornets will enter the nest to get to the queen. After 24 hours the nest will be dead, you may still see the odd wasp/hornet lingering around where the treatment was applied, usually wasps/hornets that may have been trapped in houses, and have only just returned to the nest. After 48 hours there should be no signs of activity, if there are more than a few wasps/hornets still coming and going from the entry point that had been treated then you would need to call us back out. Wasptec are unable to remove an active wasp nest, it will take at least 48 hours to be able to safely remove the nest.

  • Do you remove the nest?

    No, a treatment is a separate service to a removal. It is generally best to treat a nest in situ and then leave it for a week as the insecticide stays active during that period helping to secure you against further wasp nest issues in that area. If in the future you would like the nest removed then this can be done and would be charged. The nest must be visible for us to be able to take it away. "Wasp Nest Removal Leeds professionally and totally destroyed"

  • Is wasp removal guaranteed?

    All Wasp &Bee control is Guaranteed.

    Wasptec, wasp nest removal &pest control in Leeds, will carry out a survey to determine whether more than one wasp or bee nest is present. If so, Wasptec will always point these out to you before treatments are applied. Wasptec cannot guarantee extra nests on your property will be found, even if they are present, sometimes they are hidden. Wasp &bee activity varies from nest to nest depending on the colony size inside the nest. Nests cannot always be detected until significant activity takes place.

  • Can I call Wasptec back out?

    If you need to call Wasptec back out for a re-treatment or if you have discovered a new nest that needs treating then please call 01132 566665 and we will book you in. If you require any other information then please feel free to give us a call and we will do our best to help Wasptec will carry out a survey of your property determining whether more than one wasp nest is present and if so will always point these out before any treatments are applied. Wasptec cannot guarantee extra nests on your property will be found even if present. Wasp and bee activity varies from nest to nest depending on the colony size inside the nest and nests cannot always be detected until significant activity takes place.

  • Is the poison harmful?

    Wasp nest removal can be dangerous. Wasp stings can easily cause allergic reactions and sometimes anaphylactic shock. While wasps stings can hurt and itch for days after the location of the nest can often be dangerousness/difficult to reach.

  • What's a standard treatment?

    Standard treatments include those not needing specialist equipment, occasionally location &availability effects standard &emergency treatment tariffs however, for ease a local wasp removal technician will be able to provide you a clear &open, no obligation pest control quote before any work is undertaken. Costs are fixed for standard wasp control &wasp nest treatments.

    Any questions about wasp nest removal in Leeds BUZZ UZZ &we will gladly answer your questions.

  • Can I cancel?

    Wasptec are a fair &honest company &do the best to give you the pest control service you enjoy. If you need to cancel your booking please let Wasptec know as soon as possible. If a technician arrives at your property &you are not in or there is no access there is a call out charge. The call out charge is the standard rate at that time for wasp nest removal. If you don't tell Wasptec that you have cancelled your appointment &Wasptec arrive at your property, there is a call out charge.

  • Are there call out charges ?

    In general No however, call out charges are applicable if you don't inform Wasptec of a cancellation, are not in when a Wasptec technician arrives. However, if Wasptec are unable to treat the wasp problem through their own decision such as, they cannot solve the problem which is very unlikely, there is no charge. Please note 99% of wasp infestations are solved first time &your bee &wasp services is guaranteed. Simply call the Helpline.

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Pest Control

All Wasptec pest control services are carefully created to give you the BEST solutions and services. Wasptec, also provide Cleaning &Disinfection services whether domestic or commercial. After a pest control issue it is often vital that you decontaminate the area. Pests carry a wide variety of pathogens, germs, bacterias &viruses.

  • Domestic

  • Commercial

  • Cleaning

  • Removal

  • Level One


    Pest Control

    Which ever type of pest control you need for your home, Wasptec Leeds has the right solution for you. Disinfecting, cleaning &dead animal removal services also available.

    • The Best Pest Control

      Members of the UK's Leading Pest Control Registerthe National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA)

      • Wasptec are always updating their pest control systems so you get the very best pest control solutions in Leeds.

      • Wasp nest removal can be very dangerous. Before you attempt to do a wasp removal yourself, call the wasp control HELPLINE and talk for FREE with a Pest Control Pro for tips and techniques.

    • Easy to Read Reports

      All home surveys are clear, easy to understand &provide first class
      pest control advice.

    • Emergency Pest Service

      Straight forward booking via the Wasptec, Pest Control Helpline. Call today for a FREE no-obligation chat with a Leeds based specialist.

    • Pest Control Leeds

      Covering Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield &many other areas. Wasptec, wasp nest removal, are based in Leeds & NOT an out of town company like many others. Be aware of the differences. Out of town companies are charging a significant amount more than pest control companies based in Leeds.

      • Wasptec offer easy &clear pricing. There are standard, fixed rates so you know exactly where you are. For more complex pest control clear, no-obliation quotes are given.

      • Covering ALL Leeds postcodes, including LS17, Shadwell, Bardsey, Harewood. LS10, LS28, LS18, Horsforth, Pudsey, Leeds City Centre.

  • Commercial


    Pest Control

    Wasptec pest control has a wide variety of Commercial pest solutions for your business. An integrated pest control management programme gives you a superb package with a wide range of key techniques and products.

    • Winning
      Pest Control

      Leeds based Pest Control Experts

      Hundreds of Five Star Google Ratings &professional members of leading pest control registers in the UK.the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA)

      • British Pest Control Association Certification

      • Licensed to use Poisons not available to the public.

    • Easy

      If you need periodic pest control Wasptec Leeds will design a clear &easy to understand pest assessment plan to suit your companies needs.

    • Emergency Pest Services

      All home surveys are clear, easy to understand and provide first class
      pest control advice.

    • Commercial
      Pest Control

      Commercial Pest Control covers all businesses in Leeds &surrounding areas such as, cafes, restaurants, landlords, hotels, corporate spaces, education establishments &so forth. All business types.

      • Wasptec work with large factories, restaurants, cafes, estate agents &all other commercial outlets.

      • Call today for a tailored pest control plan to suit your companies needs.

  • Cleaning



    Whether or not you have or had a pest problem, Wasptec, Pest Control Leeds, offers high end disinfecting or cleaning services for your property &business.

    • Hospital Standard

      Wasptec disinfection helps stop the spread of germs &viruses this includes Corona-virus

      • Kills 99.9 %of pathogens spread by rodents

      • Disinfects and cleans home environments

    • Easy to Read Reports

      All home surveys are clear, easy to understand &provide first class
      pest control advice.

    • Guaranteed
      Pest Control

      All wasp nest removal, rat control, mouse removal &other types of pest control in Leeds is fully guaranteed.

    • Leeds Based

      Wasptec, pest control, is based in Leeds &is not outsourced by non-local companies charging higher rates.

      • Established over 15yrs ago working alongside large &small Leeds businesses.

      • Call the HELPLINEtoday to arrange a site survey

  • Removal



    A dead animal on your property is a health hazard &for many, very distressful. Disease spreads easily, call Wasptec &for professional removal.

    • Members of Leading
      Pest Control Register

      Members of the NPTA and BASIS Prompt. The UK's leading Pest Control Registers

      • Wasptec are always actively keeping up to date with leading technology &processes so that you receive the very best in pest control.

      • Call Today for a free no-obligation chat with a pest control pro.

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      5 Stars

      100s of 5 Star Google reviews from happy Leeds based customers. Easily read them live on Google reviews.

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      Removal Leeds

      Wasptec, wasp nest removal Leeds, is part of the Missing Link Pest Control in Leeds

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      All areas in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Halifax &surrounding areas.

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Contacing Wasptec, wasp nest removal, is quick &super easy.Wasptec have been providing pest control services to Leeds residents for many years. Fast, effective bee, hornet &wasp nest removal, rat removal, mouse control to name a few. All parts of Leeds are covered including, but not limited to, Pudsey LS28, Roundhay LS8, Horsforth LS18, Headingley and Hyde Park LS6, Alwoodley LS17, LS19, LS20 and all other Leeds areas.

  • Local Support


    Call the Wasptec, pest control helpline now. Speak with a technician for tips, techniques and general advice.

    Wasptec are based in Leeds unlike many of the other pest control companies advertising in Leeds. Its very common that out of town companies advertise as local &then outsource. Unfortunately, the cost for this is far higher than pest control should be.

    Call Wasptec, wasp nest removal, for a FREE, no-obligation chat.

    The picture is of Gareth, Wasptecs lead technician. Gareth updates his pest control training regularly so that you receive up to date &cutting edge pest pro techniques, equipment &solutions.

  • Contact Wasptec

    Wasptec, pest control.

  • Wasp removal, Privacy Policy

    Be comfortable knowing Wasptec give all information you provide with utmost privacy and confidentiality. Please read the WasptecPrivacy Policy

    Any questions about wasp nest removal in Leeds just give us a call and we will gladly answer your questions.

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