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Differences between Wasps and Bees

Wasps tend to longer than Bees and have pointed abdomens with a very narrow waist whereas, Bees tend to have larger more acorn shed bodies. It is not uncommon for many people to miss identify a Wasp and a Honey bee though, as they both have elongated bodies unlike the British or Asian Bumble Bees.

Differences in Wasp and Bee colours

Wasps come in many different colours however, the European wasp which is common to Leeds has Yell and Black Stripes. As mentioned before the Honey Bees elongated body isn't that far removed from that of a wasps however, the Honey Bee's stripes have more of a golden texture to them and are slightly furrier. Bumble Bees tend to be quite hairy and can range from Orange patches on their backs to black and yellow stripes.

Should I try to Remove a Nest Myself ?

Wasptec, Wasp nest removal Leeds, cannot recommend that you try this as it is often very dangerous. Oe sting can be very uncomfortable and occasionally lead to anaphylactic shock however, one stink can alter other wasps who then tune into you and often attack.

When do Wasps Return to their Nests?

Wasps usually come back to their nests at dusk (when the sun begins to go down). They tend to be more active during the heat of the day such as high noon.

What do Wasps Eat?

Wasps like sweet foods such as fruits, flower nectar, honey and whit all the rubbish that is often left scattered around inner City Leeds streets or local Pubs its common to find Wasps and Bees after quick easy sugar fixes.

Between August and October

During the later part of Autumn season i.e. August, September and October wasps prefer to eat easy food such as from rubbish left outside so it will help if you make this harder for them in your local area by keeping the environment tidy and putting rubbish in sealed bag or bin..