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W asptec wasp nest removal , are based in Leeds & been providing reliable bee, hornet & wasp control for many years, domestic and commercial. All treatments guaranteed, quick acting & with first class customer support. 100s of live 5 Star Google Reviews can be read on theWasptec, wasp nest removal Leeds , review page. Have a FREE no obligation talk with a local specialist. Open 7 days a week , 7:30am to 9pm. Same day services available so you will be wasp free ASAP. As with all Wasptec, wasp nest removal, clear terms & pricing given. As a professional member of the UK's leading Pest Control register BASIS Prompt Wasptec, wasp nest removal, provide cutting edge treatments, tips and techniques for all Bee, Hornet and Wasp pest control in Leeds & surrounding areas.

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P est control for your business or home, Wasptec, pest control & wasp nest removal, will have a winning solution for you. All pest services are guaranteed & tailored to your needs whether one off pest control or ongoing pest & wasp control management.All treatments, prices & quotes are guaranteed, clear & easy to understand. Call the Helpline or check the prices, tips & techniques.

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    Wasp Nest Removal

    • 100s of 5 Stars
    • Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Excellent service! Gareth was a pleasure to work with. Very professional and explained everything well. Huge Wasp nest in a hard to reach area of the loft and he tackled it fast and effectively!... Its always worth getting a professional in and Gareth is highly recommended and a nice chap! Thank you!

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      Lee Charallah - Pudsey

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    Honey Bee Control

    • 100s of 5 Stars
    • Fantastic service. As someone with a massive wasp phobia, this company were very understanding, helpful, fast and dealt with the nest that same day. Very good price and did exactly what they said they would do. I'm so grateful - thank you! Would highly recommend! 10/10 on all counts. Buzz them today, they will help solve the problem.

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      Emily Godfrey - Leeds

    Best Deal
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    Asian Tree Bees

    Tree bees are not native to the UK. Some colonies live in harmony with other Bees however, some attack the native bee. Be mindful, female Asian Tree Bees can repeat sting & inject venom so, if they are nesting in areas close to humans call the Wasptec Helpline

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    Bumble Bees

    Safe removal, transportation & relocation. Wasptec, pest control, always try saving Bees where possible. However, when nesting in areas of concern call Wasptec for a risk assessment & tailored bee pest control solution. Wasptec love the ecology & are always humane.

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Expert Support

E xpert support is available via phone, email or in person. Buzz the Wasptec, wasp nest removal Leeds, HELPLINE for a FREE no obligation consultation. Support is at all stages of the pest control service. Special Discounts are also available for standard & non-standard pest services.

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    The picture here is of Gareth our lead, wasp nest removal , technician in Leeds. You will see from the 100s of local 5 Stars reviews on Google that Wasptec arevery highly rated& provide thorough pest control services for wasp, bee & other pest control issues. Gareth is fully cleared by the DBS. You can be confident with Wasptec attending your property. Simply ask for ID, wasp nest removal & pest control credentials. The hundreds of Leeds based 5 Star Google reviews show you are in good hands.

  • Get rid of wasp nests fast?

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    If youre thinking off removing a wasp nest yourself, wear protective clothing. Wasps can get through small gaps & easily sting through clothing. Be very careful, they react to carbon dioxide coming from you. They can chase you for quite a distance. Wear an approved mask to reduce emissions.

    A professional, wasp nest removal Leeds, technician will provide valuable tips, advice & solutions on proofing. Leeds wasp nest removal cover schools, parks, areas of waste & beauty. Killing off wasps on the outside of the nest with domestic products often doesn't resolve issues with wasps still inside the nest such as Queens, larvae & other workers - drones.

  • How long do wasp nests live?

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    Queen wasps emerge from winter hibernation around spring time & begin building nests. The wasps strip wood from attic rafters, trees & so forth then mix it with saliva to make a paper mache like substance. Wasps wont use an old, abandoned nest. However, new wasps can nest within inches of old ones. The old nest can last for many many years.

    Depending on factors such as, weather, food sources etc, nests will grow until the end of season, around September, October. A waasp nest can hold thousands of wasps & nest removal is advised particularly if there is a threat of attack to children, elderly, pets.

  • Are the chemicals safe?

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    Yes - all applications are made in safe & humane ways. Wasptec, wasp nest removal, are qualified to use pesticides & make careful risk assessments before any pesticides use.

  • Is wasp removal dangerous?

    Wasp nest removal can be dangerous. Wasp stings can easily cause allergic reactions & sometimes anaphylactic shock. While wasps stings can hurt & itch for days after also, the location of the nest can often be dangerous & difficult to reach.

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Wasp Removal Facts

W asp & Bee control ranges in its complexity. Bees tend to emerge during spring whereas; wasps come out in late spring & summer. Generally in March/ April the queen wasp comes out of hibernation & starts building a wasp colony. The queen will build in areas of shelter (sheds, lofts, cavities, bushes, under ground etc). By June through to around September the wasp nest can grow to house thousands & thousands of wasps.

  • How often can wasps sting?

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    Wasps can sting many times during an attack. Sometimes the stinger gets stuck in the victims flesh. Even when a wasp is dead its stinger can still be active, so be careful not to tread on it with bare feet. Call Wasptec, wasp nest removal Leeds.

    Only females sting. Venom is injected which can cause allergic reactions.

  • Can wasps bite as well as sting?

    Small wasp

    Yes, wasps can bite. Wasps tend to bite smaller insects & not humans. Some species of wasp are omnivorous, they feed on insects, fruit, nectar & dead insects.

  • Do domestic products work?

    The answer is, Yes & No. Many domestic wasp killer products tend not to do exactly what they say on the tin they kill wasps however, that doesn't mean all of them. Many kill off wasps just on the outside of the nest if theres a lucky shot however, it is common grubs and other wasps inside the nest are not infected. For a while exterior numbers reduce. We often see customers in and around Leeds who find when new grubs hatch they have the same problem all over again but worse. Queen wasps spread & colonies multiply. Get it done properly by a professional. Call Wasptec.

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C ontacing Wasptec, wasp nest removal, is quick & easy. Wasptec have been offering Leeds residents a prompt wasp nest removal for many years. All areas including, but not limited to, Pudsey LS28, Roundhay LS8, Horsforth LS18, Headingley and Hyde Park LS6, Alwoodley LS17, LS19, LS20. Shadwell LS17, Morley LS27, Farsley LS28, Bramley LS13, Armley LS12.

  • Local Support

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    Gareth, the lead wasp nest removal technician is on hand to answer any question you might have about pest control, wasp, bees etc.

    Wasptec have been dealing with wasps & bees for many years. Based in Leeds, Wasptec provide first class pest services to the local area & areas surrounding Leeds such as; Wakefield, Bradford, Pusdsey, Guiseley LS20, Roundahy LS8, Morely LS27, LS14, LS29

    Quick, easy & always happy to help. Call the wasp nest removal HELPINE now & talk with a pest pro about your situation. All areas in & around Leeds City including, LS5, LS4, Moortown LS17, Shadwell LS17, Harewood LS17, Alwoodley LS17.

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    Wasptec, pest control.

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    Be sure Wasptec treat any information you give with utmost confidentiality. Read the Wasptec Privacy Policy

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