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Rat control in Leeds is necessary for many reasons. Rats can cause significant damage to property, spread diseases, cause fire by chewing through electrical wires &keep people awake during the night to name a few. Wasptec, rat removal, are members of the UK's leading pest control bodies &have access to rodent removal products not available to the public. Wasptec, pest control have been providing cutting edge rodent control to domestic &commercial properties in Leeds for many years.

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Rat Removal

Rats are unfortunately in most areas of Leeds City. The Leeds sewer system is home to untold numbers of rats. The underground network of sewage &water flow pipes provides perfect hide aways &run ways for rats. Its very common that drainage issues on properties allow rats easy access to homes &businesses. Of course, there are many other access points &key environments where rats &mice thrive. Call Wasptec pest control ASAP for a no obligation chat with a rodent professional.

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    Rat Removal

    Rats love rummaging in bins looking for easy food. To help reduce your rat risk keep bins tidy &lids closed. There are many other rat removal &pest control tips throughout the website.

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    Mouse Control

    Mouse Control should be dealt with ASAP. Mice spread disease &breed very quickly &cause a lot of damage to properties &like other rodents can cause fires gnawing through electrical wires.

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    Squirrel Control

    Squirrel removal should be done as quickly as possible. The damage squirrels can cause can be very large. They gnaw &chew through fascias &soffits, strip electrical wires causing fires, &a wide range of other concerns.

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    Field Mouse

    Field Mice might look cute to some people but they can cause as much damage as the house mouse. They need to gnaw &chew to keep their teeth short. If they gain access to the house, thats where they will chew.

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Support for rat removal, mouse control, wasp nest removal or any other pest control in Leeds is first class. Wasptec are easy to contact &on hand to answer any questions you have before, during or after your pest control. Highly experienced, Wasptec have 100s &100s of 5 star , live Google reviews which you can easily read. You can also be rest assured that you are in good hands with Wasptec pest control.

  • Is the expert local ?

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    Yes, this is Gareth, Wasptecs head pest controller. Gareth &other technicians actively refresh pest control techniques so you receive the very best pest control service in Leeds &surrounding areas. Simply call the Wasptec rat removal HELPLINE for a no obligation chat with a qualified pest controller. Wasptec are based in Leeds &provide wasp nest removal, bee control, rat removal, mouse control, bedbug treatments &a wide variety of other pest control services in Leeds. Call Wasptec, wasp nest removal, for a FREE, no-obligation chat.

  • Terms &conditions


    Rat removal &other pest control terms are readable on the guarantee page. In short, all Wasptec, pest control is guaranteed with terms &conditons. If a technician does a rodent inspection &feels he or she are unable to guarantee a completely resolve an issue they will inform you prior to any works being undertaken. Standard pest control is guaranteed however, no pest controller can possibly ensure 100 %that all situations can be guaranteed. Some species yes but others might need ongoing management. As an example, some complex retail sites need ongoing rat pest control as there are high risks of future invasions from Council drains.

  • What call out charges ?

    Wasptec provide first class pest control inspections for rat removal, mouse control etc. If an inspection is undertaken there is a fee subject to quotation &the size of the commercial site. However, a call out charge is applied if at the time of a standard pest treatment there is no access, or the customer changes their mind &so forth.

    There is no call out charge for rat removal if Wasptec decide themselves that they cannot do the job. However, in 99.9% of cases all jobs are achievable.

  • Is rat removal fixed price ?

    Standard rat removal &treatments costs are fixed in Leeds. However, sometimes the more complex rodent control does not fit into a one price fits all scenario, is just not realistic or fair to you. As an example, Mr Smith who has a large infestation &in a precarious environment will unfortunately have a larger amount of rat or mouse pest control to do whereas, Mrs Jones who reports her mouse or rat issue quickly &the issue is easily accessible would not be happy if she had to pay the same rate as Mr Smith. This is why Wasptec Pest control provide superb, tailored pest control quotes to meet your needs &not somebody else's!

  • What's standard treatment ?


    Standard treatments are without the need for specialist equipment or use standard pest control products, not available to the public. Occasionally the area of the rat nest, size of the rodent infestation amongst other tings effects standard and emergency treatment tariffs. To simplify things for you, a local rat &mouse technician based in Leeds will happily give you a clear &easy to understand quote before any work is done.

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Contacing Wasptec, rat removal, issuper easy.Wasptec have been providing Leeds residents a prompt rodent, rat &mouse nest removal service for many years. All areas of Leeds including, but not limited to, Pudsey LS28, Roundhay LS8, Horsforth LS18, Headingley and Hyde Park LS6, Alwoodley LS17, LS19, LS20 and all other Leeds areas. Shadwell LS17, Morley LS27, Farsley LS28, Bramley LS13, Armley LS12.

  • Local Support

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    Gareth, the lead pest control technician is available to answer question about your pest control, at removal , wasp, bees etc. Always happy to help with any rat control or mouse removal, wasp nest removal or other pest control issue. Wasptec pest controllers are DBS checked, very well trained &have access to a wide variety of pest control products not available to the public.

    Wasptec have been dealing with wasps &bees for many years. Based in Leeds, Wasptec provide first class pest services to the local area &areas surrounding Leeds such as; Wakefield, Bradford, Pusdsey, Guiseley LS20, Roundahy LS8, Morely LS27, LS14, LS29

    Quick, easy &always happy to help. Call the wasp nest removal HELPINE now &talk with a pest pro about your situation. All areas in &around Leeds City including, LS5, LS4, Moortown LS17, Shadwell LS17, Harewood LS17, Alwoodley LS17.

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    Wasptec, pest control.

  • Wasp removal, Privacy Policy

    You can be happy that Wasptec treat your information with total confidentiality. Read the WasptecPrivacy Policyfor all rat removal &mouse control.

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