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Wasptec, wasp nest removal Leeds offer a clear and simple pricing structure so you know exactly what to expect and will be wasp or bee free as soon as possible
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All wasp nest removal treatments are guaranteed. Speak for FREE with a local technician for a no obligation quote.

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All Wasp and Bee control
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Costs are fixed for standard wasp control and wasp nest treatments.

Wasptec wasp nest removal Leeds will carry out a survey of your property to determine whether more than one wasp or bee nest is present. If so Wasptec will always point these out to you before treatments are applied. Wasptec cannot guarantee extra nests on your property will be found even if they are present as sometimes the are hidden. Wasp and bee activity varies from nest to nest depending on the colony size inside the nest. Nests cannot always be detected until significant activity takes place

Wasptec are a very fair and honest company. If wasp or bee nest treatments have not been successful, for any reason, Wasptec will take full responsibility and return to administer further treatments until you are fully satisfied at no further cost. If treatments have been successful and the problem is in a different location then this is classed as a secondary nest and additional costs will be incurred, discounts are available and treatment of the new wasp nest will also be guaranteed.