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C ontacting Wasptec, wasp nest removal & pest control services is so easy. The FREE no obligation HELPLINE is available for you to speak to a pest control expert about your situation. In the unusual circumstance that a pest control pro is unable to answer the call straight away (during working hours) he or she will call you back within no time. Throughout you will receive superb pest control support, any questions you have such as, the costs of pest control in Leeds? Quick tips on how to get rid of rats or How to remove a wasp nest etc, a Wasptec pest pro have will gladly provide you with useful advice.

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W asp nest removal & pest control services are widely varied in general. Throughout the website wasptec has put together some of the key facts that you need to know about your pest problem. Of course, if you cant find the pest control tips that you need then simply give Wasptec a call.

  • What do wasps eat?

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    Adult wasps feed on sugars.

    Naturally sugars come from flower nectar however, with easy access to bins and rubbish wasp find the sugary fix from the rubbish left. You will also find wasps scavenging around picnic sites.

    Sometimes younger wasps feed on the larvae. Wasp, like Bees, have very high energy needs but because the don't live for very long, because they don't need much protein to help re-build cells. Instead they feed mainly on carbohydrates such as sugar.

  • Do wasp stings cause allergy?

    Anybody can become allergic to a wasp or bee sting. Children tend to be the most likely to get stung when they are playing in the gardens. Severe reactions are not uncommon & of course a vulnerable person such as the elderly or somebody who is ill can react more aggressively to wasp stings due to their immune system being weak.

    Most people survive wasp stings but in a few the reaction can be fatal. This is called anaphylaxis. In general though, a wasp or bee sting will swell, sometimes a lot. The area can become sore & itch. Its also not uncommon for the person whose been stung to feel quezzy or even dizzy. Seek professional wasp nest removal now.

  • Are wasp nests removals risky?

    Wasp nest removal can be dangerous. A licensed wasp nest removal expert has access to equipment not available to the public however, they also have special training & are experienced at working in close proximity with 1000s of wasps. While some people try to do a wasp nest removal or pest control solution themselves unfortunately, they often end up making the problem worse. To save on your costs it worth you ringing the FREE pest control HELPLINE for general guidance.

  • How long do wasps live?

    There are many different types of wasp. As an example, worker wasps tend to only live for 12 to 22 days. The worker wasps are female & can sting whereas the male wasps also known as drones live a little longer. However, the queen wasp can live for up to a year.

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C ontacing Wasptec, wasp nest removal, is quick & easy. Wasptec have been offering Leeds residents a fast, efficient bee, hornet & wasp nest removal service for many years. If you are unsure about your area for wasp nest removal or pest control, just buzz uzz. Wasptec supply first class pest control services for wasp nest removal Leeds to all areas including, but not limited to, Pudsey LS28, Roundhay LS8, Horsforth LS18, Headingley and Hyde Park LS6, Alwoodley LS17, LS19, LS20 and all other Leeds areas. Shadwell LS17.

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    Call the Pest Control Helpine now. A local expert will help you with ideas, methods & other pest control services. Wasptec have been opperating in Leeds for many years giving first class services to the domestic & commercial markest. For all your wasp nest removal & pest control just call Wasptec.

    Talk to Gareth, he ill be able to give you a supreb quote over the phone. All thats needed is for you to explain the pest control problem, whether iits rat removal, flea control, bedbus or other insects & animals

    You'll be suprised at what you might find. Fast, professional & honest pest control.

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