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Pest control in Leeds varies widely. Not all companies are the same. Some Pest controllers deal only with rats & mice, while others wasp nest removal, foxes or badgers etc. However, within the pest control industry there are a wide variety of qualifications allowing many different procedures. Not all pest control companies have the same range of pest control certification. At Wasptec, wasp control & pest control technicians always continue professional development to give you the very best, leading edge, pest control in Leeds.

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Pick a pest from the pest control catalogue below. If you don't see the pest you are looking for simply give the Wasptec pest control HELPLINE a quick call. Talk for FREE with a Leeds based pest pro who will be able to help you with do it yourself pest control tips & techniques. Wasptec, pest control in Leeds, have been helping home owners, landlords, large & small scale businesses with their pest control services form many years.

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    Wasp Nest Removal

    Wasp nest removal can be highly dangerous. Call Wasptec pest control.

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    Honey Bee Control

    Honey Bee control & safe removal are part of the Wasptec, pest control services

  • Asian Tree Bee

    Bumble Bees

    Bumble Bees are great for the ecology but can also cause problems.

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    Rat Control Leeds

    Rats breed very quickly so don't delay. Call Wasptec, rat removal & talk with a pest pro.

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    Mouse Removal

    Mice love to breed. They can cause damage & spread disease. Don't delay getting mouse pets control.

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    Squirrel Control

    Squirrels like rats & mice cause damage and fire risks. Call a squirrel controller pro now.

  • All Pest Control

    Wasptec deal with all aspects of pest control in Leeds. Whether its an annual pest contract for your business or home Wasptec pest services will provide you a leading edge pest control solution. All staff are highly trained pest control technicians & have superb support from specialists within the Wasptec pest control network in Leeds & its surrounding areas.

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    Ant Control

    Ants are common in the UK. There are two main types of ant in the UK the Garden or Black Ant.

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    Fly Control

    Flies spread contamination & can be annoying. There are many types of fly in the UK such as; Blue bottle, Cluster flies, Autumn flies & Fruit flies.

  • Disinfect & Clean

    Disinfecting & cleaning services are available. Many pests carry pathogens & spread disease. The award winning pest control solutions provide you with super clean, disinfected & fresh smelling environments. Whether, cellars, sewage farms, industrial works, drains, kennels, catteries, homes & many more. Wasp nest removal near me. provides real career opportunities reliable solutions. 100% guaranteed

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Pest Control Support

Expert guidance is easily available via the Wasptec, wasp nest removal & pest control HELPLINE . Wasptec are based in Leeds & have been established for many years providing cutting edge pest control services to Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield & surrounding areas. Whether its how to get rid of rats, should I remove a wasp nest?how to treat bedbugs & so forth, call the Wasptec HELPLINE for a FREE no obligation chat with a pest control pro.

  • Personal Technician

    Picture of Gareth

    This is a photo of Gareth the Wasptec, wasp nest removal , lead pest controller in Leeds. Easily read the100s & 100s of local 5 Stars reviews liveon Google. Wasptec arevery highly rated& work very hard to give you a winning pest control service for your rat removal, mouse control, wasp control, bee & other pest control issues.

    Technicians are fully checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). So be confident with a Wasptec technician attending your property. Wasptec pest controllers will happily show you their ID, wasp nest removal & pest control qualifications. The hundreds of live & Leeds based5 Star Google reviewssay that you are in good hands.

  • Does wasp killer powder work?

    wasp nest removal with large wings

    Does domestic wasp killer powder work? Wasptec often get asked this when doing a wasp nest removal. The simple answer is yes, wasp spray & powder does work. It has to else it would not be allowed to be sold. However, to qualify to say it works can mean that it just kills some wasp but does not necessarily solve the actual wasp nest problem.

    If the wasp nest is in an easily accessible place & you are feeling brave, you might kill some of the wasps flying around the nest however, the professional products, not available to the public, is design to effectively be carried into the nest killing the queens & larvae. It is also significantly stronger, lasts longer giving you more pest control protection & of course, the wasp nest removal technician has specialist equipment to reach dangerous places & you get a guarantee.

    There are wasp removal products available to the domestic market but of course there is a reason why professional wasp nest removal sprays, dusts & so forth are used by wasp control experts. Its because it has a wider effect on the wasp colony, more effective & helps to make the problem less volatile quickly.

  • Should I leave a wasp nest?


    If you leave a wasp nest to die off at the end of wasp season you run the risk of the nest growing out of control. A wasp nest can be home to thousands of wasps. Wasps can also cause damage to property & of course you run the risks of being stung.

    The main issue though, the wasp queens produce many more queens which then hibernate in the local area. This can mean on your house, in your garden & so forth. The problem can often be worse next year with more nests & a growing problem.

  • What if you remove a wasp nest?

    Removing a wasp nest depends on many factors. The size of the wasp colony, the location of the wasp nest & so forth. There are also many wasp nest removal techniques however, if the nest in the cavities & you make a mistake you might cause the wasp nest to break & fall further into the cavity. The pheromones & oudors left from the wasps can attract other wasps to the area.

    There are many other areas that wasps can nest with a wide variety of other pheromones & oudor issues. In addition the old wasp nest can be home to bacterias, germs & pathogens. If you are not wearing the correct pest control personal protection (PPE), inhaling the bacterial dust can make you feel unwell.

  • Local council wasp nest removal?

    Wasptec, wasp nest removal chemical

    Wasptec, wasp nest removal & pest control are a Leeds based pest control service which provides faster responses than the council & a wide variety of other pest control services that Leeds City council pest control do not provide.

    In addition the Wasptec, wasp control team are easily contactable & always happy to help.

  • What smell keeps rats away?


    Rats sense of smell is fantastic. There are many reports suggesting that smells such as onion, ammonia, peppermint, white vinegar etc, can repel rats from your property. Occasionally this is true however, in general it does not work. It might for you of course, so maybe give it a try. Keep in mind, rats breed very quickly. The longer you take testing rat removal methods & possibly getting it wrong the bigger your problem will get.

    Call Wasptec rat removal HELPLINE now for a FREE no obligation chat with a pest pro.

  • How do experts get rid of rats?

    There are many rat nest removal techniques & many situation differ from one to the other. Rats can come up from the sewers, in from the neighbours, down through the roofs, from under the floors & many other places.

    Depending on the situation, this size of the rat or mouse infestation will help to determine the professional ways to exterminate rats & mice. However, the local area is also taken into consideration, what risks are near by, are there children, protected animals, what fire risk & so forth.

    Call the Wasptec pest control, rat & mouse HELPLINE ASAP

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Contacing Wasptec, wasp nest removal, isquick and easy.Wasptec have been offering Leeds residents a prompt bee, hornet & pest control services for years. For all wasp nest removal Leeds, in all areas including, but not limited to, Pudsey LS28, Roundhay LS8, Horsforth LS18, Headingley and Hyde Park LS6, Alwoodley LS17, LS19, LS20 and all other Leeds areas. Moortown, Bramhope, wasp nest removal near me.

  • Local Support

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    All Wasptec, pest controllers are DBS checked & follow National guidelines when doing any pest control, whether wasp nest removal, bee control or other pest control.

    Any questions you might have about your pest control programme you can easily get in touch. Wasptec Leeds are just a phone call away. With just a quick click your can talk with a wasp nest removal expert. Simply click the phone number above to ring the HELPINE now.

    Covering all Leeds City areas & the surrounding areas such as; Wakefield, Bradford & areas such as LS25, LS24, LS23, LS17, LS27, LS28 & all others.

    Discounts available & the Best Deal in the City

    Wasptec, wasp nest removal & pest control services.

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    Wasptec, pest control.

  • Wasp removal, Privacy Policy

    You can be sure that Wasptec treat any information you give with utmost privacy and confidentiality. Please read the Wasptec Privacy Policy

    Any questions about pest control or wasp nest removal Leeds just give us a call and we will gladly answer your questions.

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